Respite and Mileage Information

These services are part of the waivered contract that is added to the in-home support and non-residential community wavered services. These are services that are assigned based on needs of the individual receiving the services.  Transportation is only allowed when the individual receiving services is in the staff’s vehicle to go into the community for various reasons. Non-emergency transportation is assigned based on needs and no child (anyone under the age of 18) is allowed mileage via Medicaid rules for safety purposes. Respite is a service of care for watching an individual when the natural supports are going to be unavailable for a set period of days or time to provide the care. For example, someone who is not able to stay alone, and the natural care giver (like a single guardian in the home) is going on a business trip for ten days. Then the respite is added to the waivered plan for additional hours of care after or before the staffing hours currently assigned for that physical year.

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Positions Available

Business Process Analyst

help drive strategy execution by designing new business models and processes to increase the efficiency of the business. This role will partner with leadership to identify opportunities, prioritize development, and lead change management throughout the organization. The ideal candidate will have advanced skills with Microsoft Excel, Visio, Power Point, List, Power Automate, Planner, Power Apps and Form.

Business Development Manager

partner with program coordinators and DHS to identify new business opportunities and develop a business growth strategy. 

IT Developer

drive business strategy by leveraging Microsoft Office products to develop processautomation and process improvements. This role will partner with leaders and business analyst to execute the organizations technology goals.

Program Coordinator

provide supervision for a caseload of our supported individuals in and around the OKC or Tulsa area. This will involve partnering withfamilies, HTS staff, and DHS to ensure the client gains access to all resources that are available to supportin home care. Ensuring compliance to DHS and DDSD requirements. 

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